Meeting our friends October 22, 2010

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Wednesday was the day we planned to meetup with some of our DND friends. First up Jenae picked us up around 11AM to take us out to see LA. Unfortunately it was raining all day, so we decided to see if there was anything fun to do inside, and no shopping ๐Ÿ˜‰

We tried to get to the LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art), but they are closed on Wednesday. We did walk around to check out the famous Tar Pits that are next door. Stinky stuff ๐Ÿ˜‰ At the Tar Pit museum we asked for information on other places to see, the Modern Art Museum was also closed so we decided to go to The Getty. The Getty is a really big museum with multiple buildings on top of a mountain hill, you get to ride a train (just like in the amusement parks) to get to the museum. It’s a beautiful place which seemed kind of sad in the bad weather. At The Getty we went to the exhibition: Engaged Observers: Documentary Photography since the Sixties. We couldn’t have picked a more depressing exhibition, especially since we started the day feeling down that the holiday is almost over and I have to leave early Friday. But it sure was impressive to see what photography can do.

Then we hit traffic to go to Sal and Natalies place in downtown where we met up with Natalie and Chris. After drinks we went out to Miceli’s Italian Restaurant for dinner where Muylani with her daughter Olivia and Sal arrived a bit later. We had a really fun night with them, and I feel good to know that there are people who will take care of Daniรƒยซlle when I leave…

It was a great day hanging out with friends and took our mind of the end of the vacation.


Exploring LA October 20, 2010

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Today was our first day we didn’t need to be at breakfast before 10AM ๐Ÿ™‚ So we took our time waking up, I started with a short walk to the local Star Bucks to get my morning coffee. Walking back I had a nice chat with Chris, the home owner here, great guy with good stories… Then we hopped in the car to explore LA, I started to see how close we could get to the Hollywood Sign, with some directions of Chris we made it as far as you can legally get. I even walked pas the fence with a lot of warning signs, but Daniรƒยซlle didn’t want me to get arrested so I went back to the car for the next part of the day.

Next up was the famous Mulholland Drive, which actually starts just across the street from Daniรƒยซlle. Even with most houses hidden behind big fences we got a good impression of the enormous amount of fabulous homes. The viewpoints were nice, but again the weather didn’t help to give a sunny image of LA. When the houses got smaller we decided to drive to Santa Monica. There we wanted to walk the boardwalk and famous Santa Monica Pier. You could really tell that the summer is over, most business and the amusement park were closed, but we did get treated to some sun and enjoyed the walk.

Last stop of the day was Hollywood Boulevard (Walk of Fame) to see the stars on the street ๐Ÿ™‚ Back in Hollywood is was raining again, so it was not the glamor you would expect. But we did enjoy the weird stores and had a great burger at Juice Burger. Took a couple of photos before I almost got arrested driving through the gate at the parking garage. Our card didn’t work, the help button didn’t work, the phone number listed didn’t work and finally I bought a full day ticket for $16,- and hey, that didn’t work either… Daniรƒยซlle could stop me from ramming the gate, and I went into a store and got a clerk to help me out, he tried to help but finally he had to get his work pass to let us leave, and even then it took 5 tries to open the gate…

Back at the apartment it was definitely time for a beer, cheers…


Los Angeles here we are October 19, 2010

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Monday, time to see Danielles new place in Los Angeles. We left Santa Barbara to take the scenic route to LA. Had a quick stop at Rincon to see if there were surfers, but the waves were still asleep.

So we went further along the Pacific Highway and enjoyed the little bit of sun we saw today. Driving along Malibu and then Santa Monica from where we took a turn into LA through Beverly Hills and then Hollywood we soon found Universal City and Danielles new place at Hollyworld. We met Chris and Suzanne, the owners, and finally Danielle could really unpack her suitcase.

Later we went for a drive to explore the neighborhood and did some grocery shopping at the local Ralphs Supermarket. Then a short walk and time to settle in. Ordered some pizza and chilled in the nice little studio apartment.


Santa Barbara

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Sunday was our last hotel before we head to Danielles studio in Los Angeles. We started the day in San Simeon with a chloride filled breakfast in the indoor swimming pool area. Pretty strange, a choice of muffins or muffins with Douwe Egberts coffee.

The weather was still nothing like you would expect in California, but with our car packed we headed out to drive to Santa Barbara. Danielle took a little nap in the car as we drove south. First part of the route took us along large farms and after a quick coffee break we drove back along the coast. Arriving in Santa Barbara at lunch time we were greeted by In-n-Out burger right across the street from our hotel, woohoo… Then we checked in at the Ramada Limited, a really nice hotel with a laguna pool area where we saw some Donald Trump Ducks ๐Ÿ˜‰ they had nice toupets.

Next up was some exploration of Santa Barbara, a lively beach city. We walked along the boarwalk and up and down the pier. After which we decided to see some of the shops. It was Sunday so the shops closed early ๐Ÿ˜‰ and we went for dinners at California Pizza Kitchen, one of our favorite food joints in Florida. Enjoyed our food beforee heading back and watched some tv and played around with our good internet connection. All in all a relaxing day.


On to San Simeon October 18, 2010

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We woke up in Pacific Grove and had a quick breakfast. Danielle still wasn’t feeling to well. Today we travelled further along Highway 1 and started with the famous 17 Mile Drive through the Pebble Beach area. A restricted road where you have to pay to drive it. Driving through a beautiful part of California laced with mansions and beautiful sea views. We stopped a couple of times to shoot some photos.

The weather was still misty and chilly. We continued the drive along the coast driving in and put of the clouds enjoying the route and views. A couple of miles before we arrived at our destination we stopped to see a colony of Elephant Seals who layer on the beach.

Then we checked in at the Courtesy Inn in San Simeon and went out for lunch. After lunch we chilled for a bit in our room and I searched for a place for dinner. In San Simeon there really isn’t anything interesting to do for dinner so we drove to Gambria and enjoyed a nice meal at Indigo Moon. Filled with some good food we called it a night and went back to our motel room.


Highway 1 October 16, 2010

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Friday, time to leave San Francisco and take the scenic route towards Los Angeles. We are taking our time to enjoy Highway 1 and have three stops. First stop is in Pacific Grove, right around Pebble Beach and the famous 17 mile drive.

Unfortunately Danielle is still feeling sick, so we tried to have a relaxing day. We checked out of San Francisco and drove to Pacific Grove via the beautiful coastal route. The weather isn’t too good, pretty cold and really misty. After checking into our place for the night we went out to see a bit of the town, which is situated on the coast. We also saw Porsche shooting commercial photos just a street from our hotel.

After an early dinner at a local Italian restaurant we went back to our place. Hoping Danielle will be feeling better tomorrow.


Our last full day in San Fran October 15, 2010

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This day was a bad one for Danielle, she didn’t feel too hot. Again something food related and maybe the cold from the night before. She tried to get some extra sleep so she could join me to visit Alcatraz in the evening.

I went out for a walk, a long walk it was. Walked all the way to the crookedest street in the world for some photography and also shoot the cable car in front of our hotel. From the crookedest street (Lombard) I walked to China Town via North Beach. China Town is an experience in itself, what a great atmosphere.

Around noon I arrived back at the hotel, my feet were killing me by then, to see how Danielle was doing, she started feeling a bit better. I went for another walk around the neighborhood after which we took a cab to Fishermans Wharf to check out the Sea Lions and enjoy Pier 39 where we had a burger. Then it was time to board our boat to Alcatraz for a night tour. It was nice to arrive at the island just around sunset and we had a good time shooting pictures in the former prison.

At 8.40 we left The Rock and headed ‘home’ for our last night in San Francisco. I really love this town…


Day 3 in San Francisco

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The day started slow, we slept in a bit for the first time this holiday. I went downstairs to get some coffee and orange juice for Danielle, and croissants.

Then it got interesting, I wanted to get a buzzcut because my hair was getting long. Walked around and got to a barber that could help me out. The barber grabbed a trimmer on position bold and took a cut out of my hair, asking you want this short? What the fuck, it was bold!! I told her I wanted my face that short, but my head needs some hair… Apologizing she went ahead and said she would fix it, no problem. Not really happy but hair grows back right ๐Ÿ˜‰ Later she nicked my lip and I was bleeding, again apologies and I could go without paying, that was fun… ๐Ÿ™‚

We then went walking around the city to shoot some photos and ended up at the Ferry Building, had a pizza slice and took a cab back to the hotel. After chillin for a bit we called for our car and headed to the other side of the Golden Gate bridge to see the bridge with the city in the background. We found our spot and set up, but it was totally different than the beach we visited earlier, full of tourists and it was windy and pretty cold. Actually it was sort of freezing ๐Ÿ˜‰
We did hang around till the lights in the city and on the bridge went on so we got some pretty cool photos.

After warming up on the way home we had a beer and went put for dinner at the Canteen, a lovely little restaurant with great food. Tired from another day we are now back in our room, glad we’re not in the Hilton where there is a strike ๐Ÿ˜‰


The first full day in San Francisco October 14, 2010

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Tuesday, our first full day of San Francisco was a great one. We started the day with coffee and chocolate croissants in our lovely room. After breakfast we got our car back from the valet to visit The Mothership, I had planned to finally go to the Apple Company Store in Cupertino which was in the neighborhood. It was sort of special for me as Apple fanboy ๐Ÿ™‚ Bought some Apple merchandise which you can only buy here.

Back in San Francisco we were kind of hungry and went to Blue Bottle, a great coffee place where they also serve some tasty sandwiches. Next up on the program was a visit to SFMOMA, or San Francisco Museum of Modern Art which is just a short walk from our hotel. Unfortunately most of the exhibits were closed, but we did get to see some great art. And for me highlights were the great photography they have on display. It was pretty hot out in the city so we cooled of with some drinks at the museum cafe.

I wanted to go out and do some photography next, so we called our car again and first went to Alamo Square, this is where you get a nice view of the city with the famous Victorian Style houses called the Painted Ladies in the foreground. You know the place from tv shows like Who’s the boss ๐Ÿ™‚

And off course the first day of San Francisco isn’t complete without some photography of the Golden Gate bridge. I wanted to do something different than the standard view points, so we went down to the beach. After a long walk down a trail we arrived at Merchant Beach, the north side of Baker Beach… Much to our surprise this beach was full of lovin ๐Ÿ˜‰ We got invited to visit festivals like Burning Man and had a blast. And most of all we got some great photo opportunities of the Golden Gate bridge just around sunset. Even a big wave soaking our feet couldn’t stop us from having great non-touristy afternoon…

Then we had to climb back up the many stairs to the car and changed shoes at the hotel after which we had dinner at La Scene. All in all a perfect day in San Francisco, and we still have two more ahead of us ๐Ÿ™‚


First impression of San Francisco

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Arriving to San Francisco via the Bay Bridge was quite a sight, beautiful city and we checked into the Powell Hotel at Powell Street right in the heart of the city. A nice old hotel with style. We went for a walk up Powell to the top getting a nice workout and enjoying everything we saw. Decided not to walk further away but did a walk around a couple of blocks back to the hotel.

This city is really something I could get used to, love the compact and lively nature. Did some catching up with the internets after the days off the grid and went for a pizza at Pazzio which was a good choice and Yelp favorite. With the window open we can enjoy the music in the street and the Cable Cars going up and down Powell Street. Did some more online work and time to close the eyes…