Exploring LA October 20, 2010

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Today was our first day we didn’t need to be at breakfast before 10AM 🙂 So we took our time waking up, I started with a short walk to the local Star Bucks to get my morning coffee. Walking back I had a nice chat with Chris, the home owner here, great guy with good stories… Then we hopped in the car to explore LA, I started to see how close we could get to the Hollywood Sign, with some directions of Chris we made it as far as you can legally get. I even walked pas the fence with a lot of warning signs, but Daniëlle didn’t want me to get arrested so I went back to the car for the next part of the day.

Next up was the famous Mulholland Drive, which actually starts just across the street from Daniëlle. Even with most houses hidden behind big fences we got a good impression of the enormous amount of fabulous homes. The viewpoints were nice, but again the weather didn’t help to give a sunny image of LA. When the houses got smaller we decided to drive to Santa Monica. There we wanted to walk the boardwalk and famous Santa Monica Pier. You could really tell that the summer is over, most business and the amusement park were closed, but we did get treated to some sun and enjoyed the walk.

Last stop of the day was Hollywood Boulevard (Walk of Fame) to see the stars on the street 🙂 Back in Hollywood is was raining again, so it was not the glamor you would expect. But we did enjoy the weird stores and had a great burger at Juice Burger. Took a couple of photos before I almost got arrested driving through the gate at the parking garage. Our card didn’t work, the help button didn’t work, the phone number listed didn’t work and finally I bought a full day ticket for $16,- and hey, that didn’t work either… Daniëlle could stop me from ramming the gate, and I went into a store and got a clerk to help me out, he tried to help but finally he had to get his work pass to let us leave, and even then it took 5 tries to open the gate…

Back at the apartment it was definitely time for a beer, cheers…


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