Los Angeles here we are October 19, 2010

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Monday, time to see Danielles new place in Los Angeles. We left Santa Barbara to take the scenic route to LA. Had a quick stop at Rincon to see if there were surfers, but the waves were still asleep.

So we went further along the Pacific Highway and enjoyed the little bit of sun we saw today. Driving along Malibu and then Santa Monica from where we took a turn into LA through Beverly Hills and then Hollywood we soon found Universal City and Danielles new place at Hollyworld. We met Chris and Suzanne, the owners, and finally Danielle could really unpack her suitcase.

Later we went for a drive to explore the neighborhood and did some grocery shopping at the local Ralphs Supermarket. Then a short walk and time to settle in. Ordered some pizza and chilled in the nice little studio apartment.


Zeg eens wat

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