On to San Simeon October 18, 2010

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We woke up in Pacific Grove and had a quick breakfast. Danielle still wasn’t feeling to well. Today we travelled further along Highway 1 and started with the famous 17 Mile Drive through the Pebble Beach area. A restricted road where you have to pay to drive it. Driving through a beautiful part of California laced with mansions and beautiful sea views. We stopped a couple of times to shoot some photos.

The weather was still misty and chilly. We continued the drive along the coast driving in and put of the clouds enjoying the route and views. A couple of miles before we arrived at our destination we stopped to see a colony of Elephant Seals who layer on the beach.

Then we checked in at the Courtesy Inn in San Simeon and went out for lunch. After lunch we chilled for a bit in our room and I searched for a place for dinner. In San Simeon there really isn’t anything interesting to do for dinner so we drove to Gambria and enjoyed a nice meal at Indigo Moon. Filled with some good food we called it a night and went back to our motel room.


Zeg eens wat

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