Day 3 in San Francisco October 15, 2010

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The day started slow, we slept in a bit for the first time this holiday. I went downstairs to get some coffee and orange juice for Danielle, and croissants.

Then it got interesting, I wanted to get a buzzcut because my hair was getting long. Walked around and got to a barber that could help me out. The barber grabbed a trimmer on position bold and took a cut out of my hair, asking you want this short? What the fuck, it was bold!! I told her I wanted my face that short, but my head needs some hair… Apologizing she went ahead and said she would fix it, no problem. Not really happy but hair grows back right 😉 Later she nicked my lip and I was bleeding, again apologies and I could go without paying, that was fun… 🙂

We then went walking around the city to shoot some photos and ended up at the Ferry Building, had a pizza slice and took a cab back to the hotel. After chillin for a bit we called for our car and headed to the other side of the Golden Gate bridge to see the bridge with the city in the background. We found our spot and set up, but it was totally different than the beach we visited earlier, full of tourists and it was windy and pretty cold. Actually it was sort of freezing 😉
We did hang around till the lights in the city and on the bridge went on so we got some pretty cool photos.

After warming up on the way home we had a beer and went put for dinner at the Canteen, a lovely little restaurant with great food. Tired from another day we are now back in our room, glad we’re not in the Hilton where there is a strike 😉


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