Yosemite National Park October 13, 2010

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Sunday isn’t the best day to explore Yosemite, but we tried to make the best of it. Again we wanted to see as much as possible in one day, so an early start. First half of the day we went to the valley. Starting at the Bridal Veil Falls, we were immediately greeted by hordes of tourists. Yosemite is kind of popular 😉

After the falls we drove around the valley stopping here and there for some nice views and photo opps. We had to search a bit for Yosemite Lodge where we wanted to have lunch, filled up on energy and headed out to the next two famous views of Yosemite, Valley View and Tunnel View.

I planned to see sunset at Glacier Point where you get an amazing view of Half Dome. Hoping for an interesting sky we went up the long drive to the top. Again it was pretty crowded, lots of people had the same idea as us. We took a lot of photos and even without an interesting sky it was a great experience. Also we took photos of other people asking us to help them out 😉

Driving back down in a train of cars we even saw some deer waving us goodbye. Just in time at the hotel to grab a bite to eat we went to sleep for the next part of the road trip.

Monday we first went to Mariposa Grove as we wanted to see the Sequoia Trees. After almost 2 hours driving we were greeted with a road closed sign 🙁 Bummed out we almost went away but found a spot just outside the park and wanted to take the shuttle. Luck was with us as they opened the road after we parked. So we could drive up to the grove and walked around for an hour. The Sequoias are really impressive, hard to capture in a picture, but glad we got to see it.

The afternoon was travel time again, we headed for a 4 hour drive to San Francisco. The trip wasn’t really interesting till the last couple of miles taking the Bay Bridge into the city… The next couple of days will be special…


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