Bodie Ghost town and Tioga Pass October 13, 2010

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We got up early in the morning for the long drive to El Portal on the other side of Yosemite. Had our breakfast in the room and enjoyed the squirrels playing around from our balcony. First stop was at Mono Lake where we stopped at Old Marina for some photos, lots of flies and a beautiful lake. Must be really nice at sunset or sunrise. Next stop was Bodie Ghost Town, a old gold mining town that has been in arrested decay from the second World War. The town once had around 10.000 people living there.

Now it’s a State Park with lots of tourists but we were able to get some nice pictures without the people in it. A awesome place for photography, unfortunately we didn’t have the time to see and shoot all, we still had the Tioga Pass ahead of us. So after 1.5 hours we left for the mountains. Drove up Tioga Road and drove through the snowy peaks with beautiful lakes and a great twisting mountain road. Couple of stops to shoot some pictures. At one of the stops we got a first glimse of Half Dome, one of the famous rock mountains of Yosemite.

The Tioga Pass was a nice way to introduce us to Yosemite, and exiting the park on the west side we entered El Portal where our home for two nights, Cedar Lodge, lies next to Merced river.
We checked into a nice hotel room with a big hot tub in the room.

Tired and hungry we had a burger at the restaurant and were greeted by a snake below the stairs to our room, freaky 😉 And we chatted a bit with some lovely people from Scotland who recognized us from our stay at Stovepipe Wells in Death Valley, funny 🙂

Now it’s time to dive into our bath tub…


Zeg eens wat

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