Death Valley October 12, 2010

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A bigger contrast isn’t possible, from the lights and crowds in Vegas we went to Death Valley where we spend a night at Stovepipe Wells. First stop in Death Valley was Dantes Peak to get a beautiful view of the enormous valley below. Looking down at Badwater Basin with it’s white salty ground was mesmerizing.

Next stop was Zabriskies Point where the mountains formed in beautiful rounded shapes and a nice pallet of colors. We got our park ticket at the visitor center in the middle of an oase of green and went to our lovely home at Stovepipe Wells.

For the sunset I wanted to be at Badwater Basin to shoot the salty dessert. Took a short walk at Devils Golf Course and then walked onto Badwater Basin to seek a nice and pure spot to do some photography. We didn’t get the nice sky we were hoping for, but it was really great being there with maybe 2 other people in the far distance. Again amazed by the contrast with just a day before in Las Vegas.

After it got dark we headed to Furnace Creek for dinner because the kitchen at Stovepipe Wells burned out. Furnace Creek si like a real holiday resort in Death Valley where you have no clue about the desolate landscape your in just a minute ago.

Filled with a nice Filet Mignon I tried to get a shot of the Milky Way from the darkness and went to sleep. I really love Death Valley and again you need more time to see it all.


Zeg eens wat

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