Austria Hof, what?? October 12, 2010

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Leaving Death Valley after a sunrise in the Mesquite Sand Dunes. They look so small from the road, but climbing in the sand takes quite some effort 😉

Had breakfast at Stovepipe Wells, filled up the Dodge and headed towards the other end of Death Valley. A couple of photo stops and a nice walk to a vista point with a beautiful view of one of the valleys of death. Then the landscape began to change again, first some Joshua Trees, a couple of low flying jet fighters and then in the far distance snow tops in the mountains.

Via Lone Pine, where we saw cowboys take the McDonalds drive thru, we took the long road towards Mammoth Lakes, sure must be pretty here during the winter, now it’s more or less a desolated winter sport town. But it’s nice for a break, and you can still see some snow up in the mountains from here.

Hoping no bears will destroy our car we checked in and had a nice meal at Wiskey Creek after which we called it a night.


Zeg eens wat

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