Las Vegas, only the stuff that we can tell October 9, 2010

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From all the beautiful nature of the past week we headed to Sin City, driving through the desert we did a last nature shot at The Valley of Fire. A beautiful landscape in red rocks with nice formations and a lot of touring cars with Frenchmen 😉

Eagerly watching the horizon we finally caught the first sight at the skyline of Vegas. What a strange sight to see a big city after all this time in the South West.

We arrived early in the afternoon and first drove up and down the strip to get a feel of the city. Even during the day this town is bizarre to say the least. Off course we did our touristy shot at the welcome to Vegas sign 🙂

Then it was time to get our first In-n-out burger with a view at the New York skyline in the back 😉 And I have to say those burgers are the best fast food burgers money can buy. The time came to find ourselves a place to put our bags and hit the town. We drove to Flamingo where we would stay for two nights. From the parking garage we walked through the hotel/mall/casino and were amazed about all the people and glitter and glamour Vegas has to offer. We got a nice simple room at the 12th story with a view of the pool area, no strip view unfortunately. But at least we had an hotel in the center of the famous strip.

That night we walked around, soaking in the atmosphere and Danielle enjoyed shopping the enormous malls inside the different hotels. Who says you loose money gambling, we went broke shopping. And I only lost a couple of dollars gambling 😉

The next day we did some more exploring of some of the hotels within walking distance and off course more shopping. Can’t tell everything we did because it had to stay in Vegas, but we did go up Stratosphere tower for dinner which didn’t work out as planned as Danielle didn’t enjoy the enormous height and view from up there so down we went again. After popping our ears in the elevator we took the taxi back and had a great steak at Planet Hollywoods Strip Joint.

Finally we took out the cameras and went for a walk again, this time taking photos of all the lights and some of the shows at the hotels. Had some drinks before my feet told me to call it a night.

Las Vegas is awesome, and really, again, words cant describe this place. We need to come back here to see more of it…


Zeg eens wat

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