Bryce Canyon October 4, 2010

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Friday we arrived at Bryce Canyon Resort just shy of the entrance of the park. The next morning I woke up really early to check out Bryce Canyon at sunrise. Around 5.30 I was the second photographer at the Amphitheatre… but shortly after photographers poored into Bryce Point hoping for a nice sunrise. Unfortunately the clouds weren’t really helping, so it wasn’t the perfect sunrise. But Bryce sure is a pretty place.

After waiting for an hour or so I went back to see if Daniëlle was awake already and get some breakfast at the resorts restaurant. Filled with pancakes and french toast we headed to see the park. The weather was changing a lot, rain, sun, thunder which made for an interesting trip and some nice photos including a small rainbow 🙂 We saw al the different view points and took a short walk down in the amphitheatre.

We also spotted a lot of deer, and Daniëlle got excited so we drove around trying to find more of these tame animals, and shot them, with the camera off course 😉

Tired of the long day we had a simple dinner at the restaurant at Bryce Canyon Resort and went to bed. The next day was a travel day, we left Bryce behind and after a short detour via Kanab headed to Zion National Park. I left my video head in Terry Aldermans car who was friendly enough to call all hotels in Bryce to find us, awesome…

We took the scenic 9 route to Zion which is again a beautiful place, unfortunately not staying in the park but several miles down the road in Hurricane at the Comfort Inn. Well at least there is WiFi in the room. We had a great dinner (and a show 😉 ) at Barista’s after which I was just too late for shooting the sunset, but I tried to get a few pics while Daniëlle did the laundry 🙂 How lucky am I. Now it’s time to call it a day and get ready for a day exploring Zion.


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