White Pocket tour October 3, 2010

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Friday was the day we planned a photo tour with local photographer Terry Aldman from Kanab. He knows al the best places in the south west and we opted for the popular White Pocket tour, and we sure are happy we did.

I found out about Terry through the Allesamerika.nl forums, and contacted him to see if we could go on a photo tour with him. The day started pretty early around sunrise we checked out of our hotel in Page for a 1.5 hour drive to the meeting point. We drove through a nice part of the south west getting there, and stopped at Marble Canyon for a look at the blue/green Colorado river that carved it’s way through the ground and created a beautiful tight canyon.

At the meeting point Terry arrived a couple of minutes after us in his red Jeep Cherokee, we loaded our camera gear and braced ourselves for a intense ride through the rough terrain. The drive up to White Pocket took us 1.45 hours of bumping around… Not good for the body but the reward was amazing, White Pocket really takes your breath away. You can’t stop shooting, and every step you take you see more pictures…

Around 1.30 we were tired and burned by the sun and headed back for another long off road drive. From there we had a 2.5 hour drive to Bryce Canyon Resort just a few miles before the Bryce Canyon park entrance. A quick stop in Kanab to get some food, the pizza took ages to make. After the last part of the travels we drove up the Scenic Byway (12) which was beautiful (again) and checked into our rustic home for the next two nights.


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