Antelope Canyon and Horse Shoe Bend October 2, 2010

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After a good night in Page we were ready for a big day, finally we got to see Upper Antelope Canyon and Horse Shoe Bend. I was looking forward to this for a long time and kind of anxious because of all the stories about a crowded slot canyon.

I booked a Photo Tour with Chief Tsosie for Antelope, we arrived at 10am and after getting the reservation sorted we got to see an Indian hoop dance, strange to see an native performance done at a gas station with cars as a backdrop. Then we got assigned to a guide and we went of in a big Suburban for a bumpy ride with 6 fellow photographers. Blaine our guide made a sport out of it to get to the canyon fastest. Arriving there we soon discovered that indeed the slot canyon is full of people. Scared about not getting any good shots, Blaine took us into the far end of the canyon and did his best to scare away the regular tourists. We had plenty of time working back to front and back again to take photos. And the highlight was that we got the shaft, the shaft of light that is, lucky for us we took the spot with our group and I was in front and got some nice shots.

After returning to Page we went out to see Horse Shoe Bend, just 5 minutes from our hotel. The 1 mile hike was pretty hard for us untrained hikers, but the view was well worth it. Danielle didn’t really like it that I wanted to get the entire bend so I had to lie down at the edge to get the shot. But hey, I survived, and if you see the boats in the Colorado you really get the feel of how deep the drop is.

Danielle called it a day and I drove around a bit and took some shots at Glen Canyon Dam and Lake Powell before heading home. Had some nicely burned ribs at the hotel and turned in because the next day will be a tough one …


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