Monument Valley September 30, 2010

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The next morning it was up early for me as I wanted to see the sunrise at Yaki Point, the shuttle was hard to find in the darkness, but when I got there the serene nature was well worth it. Just a couple of people arrived later on and I had a nice spot for myself.

Then we had breakfast at El Tovar, great food and a view of the canyon as well. Filled with food we checked out and onto the next stop… Monument Valley
We left Grand Canyon, but first we took a helicopter ride to get another perspective of the canyon, and wow, words can’t really describe how it is to see the Grand Canyon from above, I hope the photos and video help to do so…

After that we took the scenic route along the South Rim of Grand Canyon and stopped a couple of times for our last dose of the canyon, then the long road to Monument Valley. The scenery changed before our eyes and Danielle couldn’t stop filming 😉 Driving up to Monument Valley the view is so nice we couldn’t believe our eyes when we checked into our room at The View Hotel, you are really inside Monument Valley with an awesome view of the most famous mittens.

Luck had it we arrived just in time for the sunset so cameras ready and shoot away. Then dinner at the restaurant and some night shooting of the stars. The next day we wanted to do the 17 mile dirt road trip through the valley, and what a dirt road it is, still have sand up my…
After driving a bit we got to talk to a local who proposed to go with us in our car and show us some ‘secret’ spots, couldn’t say no that 🙂 So Curliss took us for a ride up the restricted area of the valley where we learned about the valley and got to see some great photo opportunities. This was awesome…

After the dust settled and we had a refreshing drink we punched in our next destination, Page. Driving for a couple of hours we can’t stop to be amazed by how big this country is, miles and miles of just raw nature. We arrived in Page late in the afternoon, did some quick shopping and checked in at the Courtyard Marriott, a really nice hotel with high speed internet, woohoo 🙂


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