SSTV32 – Saturday Shopping September 12, 2010

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It’s been a while since I posted something.
Not that you missed out because of that :mrgreen:

If you didn’t already know by now.
In just two weeks DucSloerie and I will be leaving for the US.
First a little road trip for the both of us and then school for me.
I’m gonna follow some workshops at the New York Film Academy in LA.

So to get in to the spirit of the NYFA I thought it was time to shoot a vid.
I was a little lazy in editing but go ahead waste your time on my vid! 😉
There is an HD version btw


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De meneer Says:

Bruine bonen en een blond zaterdagritueel :mrgreen:

Maar hoe krijgen jullie die zooi nou boven?

FashionSloerie Says:

Daar hebben we de almachtige DucSloerie voor. Waarom denk je dat ie zo slank blijft,… :mrgreen:

Madge Says:

That was riveting, captivating, but mostly AMAZING!!!!

LepelSloerie Says:

It’s realy amazing that it’s workx.
But it already working in Woerden, for along time.



Zeg eens wat

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