SS73: Back from the dead September 19, 2009

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FashionSloerie got really drunk the day after our return from the States… And you know what that means, she’s going to talk in English really good 🙂

So here’s a treat for the leftover SloerieSource fans, our 73rd show (not 63 as we discuss in the show 😉 ) and it’s in English with some Dutch added can’t get any worse. So enjoy …

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Sneaker Peet Says:

Great recording 🙂 Having a lot of fun 🙂

FashionSloerie Says:

OMG I’m soooooo soooooo bad!! Lovin’ it,… For now anyway 😀

Andy Melton Says:

Drunken Sloerie’s and in english! Fabulousness!

FashionSloerie Says:

Thanx Sneak,… 😉

haile selassie Says:

:mrgreen: Good shit folks

BonusSloerie Says:

Geweldig, geweldig, dat ik dit op mijn leeftijd nog mag mee maken 😯

DAVE from NY Says:

Great episode! I can actually fuckin’ understand most of it too!


C-Ya, Luv-Ya,
DAVE from NY

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